2018-2019 Executive Board


Name: Tiffanesha Williams

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Alma mater: Creighton University (B.A.); Northern Illinois University (M.A.)

Email: tiwr62@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Political Science, Doctoral Candidate

Area of emphasis/research interest: Southeast Asian Politics, Comparative Politics, Governance, Development, Riparian Conflict and Cooperation

Goals as President-Elect: As President of ABGPS, I hope to further the goals of the organization and expand our efforts as a resource for not only black graduate and professional students of color, but also engaging with our community in and outside of campus. I hope to aid the organization in maintaining its relevance, and responsiveness to our changing society. I hope to be an intermediary between the organization, and the broader community, on and off campus.

Fun Fact: The most exhilarating and physically challenge experience of my life was climbing a volcano in Central Java, Indonesia. 



Name: Max Allen Duroseau

Hometown: Miami, FL

Alma mater: Florida State University (B.A.)

Email: madh5f@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Textile and Apparel Management, Pre-Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest: 

Goals as President-Elect: 

Fun Fact:




Name: Frank E. Johnson

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ; Kansas City, MO

Alma mater: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (B.A.)

Email: fej526@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Natural Resources, Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest: Soil Sciences

Goals as Treasurer: To secure funding for ABGPS this upcoming academic year to assist with our activities along with travel assistance for conferences.

Fun Fact: I have been playing the viola since the fourth grade.




Name: Julien Grayer

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Alma mater: Xavier University of Louisiana (B.A.); University of Alabama-Birmingham (M.A.)

Email: jcg6hb@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Sociology, Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest: Criminology, race and crime, symbolic interactionism, constructionism

Goals as Secretary: Do my part to make sure that ABGPS keeps running as efficiently as possible as a resource for African-American graduate students, both new and continuing. My part in this relies on maintaining internal communications and communications with other students.
Fun Fact:



GPC Representative 

Name: Ela Carpenter

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Alma mater: Hampton University; Christopher Newport University

Email: escarpenter@mail.mizzou.edu

Degree/program: Natural Resources (Fisheries and Wildlife) Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest: Urban bat ecology

Goals as GPC Rep: I look forward to serving as liaison between the Association for Black Graduate and Professional Students (ABGPS) and the Graduate Professional Council (GPC). In this position I hope to work on issues that will benefit my fellow graduate & professional students.




Name: Jen Casper

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Alma mater: University of Chicago (B.A.)

Email: jjcvy7@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Sociology, Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest: Black Feminist Theory

Goals as Parliamentarian and GPC Rep: To make events as enjoyable and inclusive as possible, and to encourage membership! 

Fun Fact: I'm a board game enthusiast! 



Social Chair

Name: Alaysia Brown

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Alma mater: University of San Diego

Email: ambcy9@mail.missouri.edu

Degree/program: Human Environmental Science, Doctoral Student

Area of emphasis/research interest:

Goals as Social Chair: 

Fun Fact:



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