"Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes that

We live in deeds, not years;

In thought, not breath,

In service, not in figures on the dial.

We count time by heartthrobs,

When they beat for God, for man, for duty;

He lives most who thinks most,

Is noblest, acts the best." 


This creed unites over 240,000 people worldwide with a common purpose to lead the way for others into the future in all fields relating to business and economics. Our mission is to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, experienced business leaders who will not be constrained by the common notions of what people say can and cannot be done. Alpha Kappa Psi strives for its members to be knowledgeable of current problems that face the industries of commerce and to find new and innovative ways to solve them. Together we grow each and every day so that when it comes our time, we may have the confidence and foundation to bring about a positive change in the world around us. To find out more about AKPsi or how you can become a part of our brotherhood yourself, please explore our website and contact us with any other questions you have.



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