About ACES

ACES is a graduate student organization focused on providing career development services for graduate students and postdocs in the life sciences. It was founded in August, 2007 by Denise Bouvrette and Emily Stagner, who were graduate students in the Genetics Area Program at the time. The idea behind ACES is to specifically provide graduate students and postdocs with information regarding non-academic careers in science.
ACES also provides unique opportunities to connect graduate students and postdocs to the private sector through networking and recruiting events. Advanced graduate students and postdocs are well-versed in academic career options. However, there is little information available regarding alternative career tracks in science. We invite scientists from various fields to give a 30-40 minute informal seminar. The seminar typically includes a short description of their current work/research, but is mostly career-focused, discussing personal choices and experiences; how did they get their job, what kind of experience is necessary, what are their duties, what does a typical day entail, what is their quality of life, what can we do as graduate students or postdocs now to tailor ourselves for this type of job in the future? Following the seminar, students and postdocs have an opportunity to network one-on-one with the speakers during an informal breakfast reception.

Seminar fields include (but are not limited to)

• industry

• private research institutes

• government

• agriculture

• science writing/editing

• genetic counseling

• patent law

• public health

• science policy

• science education

• university administration

• career development- c.v. writing, networking, business cards

• conservation/ federal policy




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