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One of EGSA’s mission is to foster professional development. One way we do so is through small grants from the EGSA ProfessionalizationFund to offset the cost of travel to conferences and the cost of postage for manuscript submission.

Each year, at least 75% of monies raised from EGSA’s fall semester fundraising event will go toward the EGSA Professionalization Fund. In addition, if the EGSA general account balance is more than $700 at the end of the winter semester, all monies in excess of that amount will be transferred into the fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial grants to EGSA members to offset costs related to professional development or academic job market.



Professionalization is one of the English program’s strengths. Graduate students in the English department instruct (not just assist a professor) a wide array of undergraduate courses and design course syllabus, assignments, and student assessment under the mentorship of faculty.

In addition to teaching MU’s freshman composition course, English 1000 (Exposition and Argumentation), most graduate students teach a wide variety of undergraduate courses in Composition, Creative Writing, Film, Folklore, and British, American, and World Literature. Some students are given opportunities to teach outside the English department in related fields, including Women’s and Gender Studies or Black Studies.

Student groups

In addition to the program-wide student organization, EGSA, our graduate students also represent many other smaller student-led groups, including

  • 18th/19th-Century Studies Student Group
  • Americanists
  • Rhetoric Society of America
  • Student Folklore Society
  • Gender and Teaching

These groups bring in speakers, offer writing workshops, reading groups, provide some funding for conference travel, and other activities open to all graduate students.


Currently, MU does not offer on-campus housing for graduate students. However, the Columbia community offers many off-campus housing options both near and far from the campus and downtown and to fit within a variety budgets. MU’s Wellness Resource Center has compiled this helpful resource for finding housing and ensuring that the location (and management, if renting) is a good fit for each student:


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