Welcome to webpage for the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) at Mizzou!

As the English Graduate Student Association President, I would like to take this time to welcome any prospective graduate students (and give a hearty “hello” to my current colleagues). The moment you become a graduate student in the English department, you become a member of a lively body of nearly 100 graduate students represented by EGSA.

As a student association, EGSA strives to promote strong communication between graduate students and faculty in the English department, to develop professional skills of our graduate students (including teaching, scholarship, and related professions), and to provide a platform for social interaction among the members of the English department and within the Columbia, Missouri community.

I encourage you to check out our “resources” page to see a humble list-in-progress of some helpful department, campus, and community resources.

Since the list is admittedly pretty shaky at this point, please feel free to contact me personally. I would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of MU’s English graduate program, the University of Missouri, and the Columbia community to ensure that you make the most out of your graduate career and educational experience.

Janessa Toro

Doctoral Candidate, Department of English

President, English Graduate Student Association


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