Latino/a Graduate and Professional Network at Mizzou

Welcome to the website for the Latino/a Graduate and Professional Network (LGPN) at Mizzou! Our website continues to be a work in progress, but we try to update our information as much as we can, please check back frequently for updates in our News Events!

About us:

LGPN recognizes the need to unite the community of Latin@ graduate and professional students at Mizzou and commits to do this by:

  • Enhancing the intellectual and social community through celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Latin@ graduate students on campus.
  • Advocating for support networks for Latin@ graduate/professional students, faculty and other members of the University community.
  • Promoting the recruitment and retention of Latin@ graduate students.
  • Encouraging Latin@ students of all educational levels to pursue higher education.
  • Actively engaging in efforts to promote social justice.
  • Developing strong relationships with leaders, faculty of color, and allies at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • Seeking and developing research/publication opportunities to further the professional development of Latin@ graduate students.


Feel free to check out our updated Member Directory, read about Our Purpose, take a look at our Picture events, view LGPN's Constitution, or, email us if you are interesting in becoming a member of our growing community!

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