Article I- Name
The name of this organization shall be the Latin@ Graduate @ Professional Network [LGPN].

Article II- Purpose
The purpose of LGPN is three-fold:
 To encourage professional collaboration and development of Latin@ graduate and professional students.
 To facilitate a community of social and cultural support for Latin@ graduate and professional students across departments at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
 To provide a vehicle for Latin@ graduate and professional students to support the University and surrounding communities, particularly the needs of the Latin@ community.
In addition, in order to recognize the need to unite the community of Latin@ graduate and professional students, the University of Missouri-Columbia Latin@ Graduate & Professional Network [LGPN] commits to:
1. Enhance the intellectual and social community through celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Latin@ graduate and professional students on campus.
2. Advocate for support networks for Latin@ graduate/professional students, faculty and other members of the University community.
3. Promote the recruitment and retention of Latin@ graduate and professional students.
4. Encourage Latin@ students of all educational levels to pursue higher education.
5. Actively engage in efforts to promote social justice.
6. Develop strong relationships with leaders, faculty of color, and allies at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
7. Seek and develop research/publication opportunities to further the professional development of Latin@ graduate and professional students.
8. LGPN will abide by the University of Missouri-Columbia rules and regulations, State, and Federal Laws.

Article III- Compliance Cause
We agree to abide by all regulations described in the M-Book, all University policies, in addition to all federal, state, and local laws.


Article IV- Non-Discrimination
This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or protected veteran.


Article V- Membership
The Latin@ Graduate & Professional Network shall be open to any currently enrolled students or employees of the University.
The Latin@ Graduate & Professional Network membership dues policy has not yet been determined.


Article VI- Election of Officers
1. A. The following officers shall be elected on a yearly basis and whose responsibilities are listed below.
The LGPN President will set forth the agenda, attend, and facilitate all group meetings. The President will also prepare and file any report required by the University. The President will retain information and materials that will facilitate the transition of the incoming President prior to giving up office. The President is responsible for acting as a liaison with other University organizations when collaborations and joint functions are in process.
The Vice-President will assist the President in completing the responsibilities listed above. In the event of absence or incapacity on behalf of the President, the Vice-President shall be expected to inherit any and all responsibilities listed above. The Vice-President will also serve as a liaison to other groups and organization on the University campus.
The Secretary is expected to maintain the meeting minutes for all general and executive meetings. The Secretary/Treasure will be expected to email all meeting minutes to members upon request. The Secretary is expected to attend all meetings and if he/she will be absent, the Secretary is expected to find someone to complete the meeting minutes.
1. An election shall be scheduled in April of each year to elect new officers by majority vote. Incumbent officers shall have the option to run for re-election.
2. Officers must have a 2.2GPA or above, and be registered for at least 6.0 credit hours through the University of Missouri.
3. Two-thirds of the active members must be present at the time of voting.
4. Newly elected officers should assume office immediately following the meeting in which they are elected.


Article VII-Executive Board
All elected officers shall serve on the executive board. Executive board members' responsibilities are listed in Article VI.


Article VIII-Removal of Officers
Any member may make a motion for the removal of any officer providing that evidence is presented to support the removal. Grounds for removal include the inadequate fulfillment of duties or the violation of regulations described in the M-Book, University policies, or any federal, state, or local laws.
A two-thirds vote by membership is needed to remove an officer. Two-thirds of the active members must be present at the time of voting.
An election for a new officer should be conducted at the next scheduled business meeting.


Article IX-Advisor
The Executive Board shall nominate one faculty or staff member (at least 75 % FTE) to serve as advisor for LGPN.
The active membership shall vote on accepting the advisor with a simple majority needed for acceptance. Two-thirds of the active members must be present at the time of voting.


Article X- Amendments to the Constitution
Any member of the organization may present amendments to the Constitution at any regularly scheduled business meeting. After reading the current Constitution along with the proposed change, the change will be voted on. A four- fifths majority is necessary to pass the amendment. Two-thirds of the active membership must be present at the time of voting.

Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to and approved by the Coordinator for Student Organizations before they become effective.

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