LGPN eligibility guidelines for funding: 

  • Must be an active member to qualify. Membership will be established by attending 1 social gathering and 2 meetings per semester
  • New members are encouraged to apply, however, they must have established membership with LGPN prior to reimbursement
  • Award-requests can range from $200-$300. This figure is contingent upon the number of applicants, types of funding requests and funding cycles
  • Priority will be given to first-time applicants
  • Applicant must present a brief lecture, workshop or presentation of their experience during LGPN’s general meeting or other scheduled time. This lecture, workshop or presentation must be done within a period of one month after the event in order to receive reimbursement
  • All applications must be complete and well written order to be considered; please check your spelling and grammatical errors prior to submitting the application

Note: Applications for funding does not guarantee funding; all final decisions made by ORG.

For more information and details contact our treasurer, Venus Reyes or go to our ORG sync page to check on the forms needed.

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