Welcome to LISGSA!  

Every student in the SISLT (School of Information Science and Learning Technologies) LIS(Library and Information Science) program is automatically a member of LISGSA.  The executive team serves the interests of all LIS students by organizing social events and coordinating fundraisers to support travel funds, scholarships, professional development opportunities, and important guest speakers. Events and meetings are a great way to make friends, network, and get to know faculty. If you're interested in LISGSA, please come to the next event or e-mail an executive team member.

If you're interested in exciting news from LISGSA, please check our posts under the "News" tab!  Upcoming events can be found on the events page and in the calendar.  

*We would like to apologize for the look of the site.  We are in the middle of a move from a Wordpress site to OrgSync, and are still organizing the new site. Thank you for your patience.


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