Mizzou's Society for the Development of Alternative Energy has a long list of accomplishments to its name. Most recently its efforts have been directed towards building Tigergen III, which is the third hydrogen fuel cell car that it has built. Before the team's pursuit to build hydrogen cars, SDAE built six solar cars, starting in the early nineties and into the first decade.

Below are links to information about the previous cars that the team has built and the events in which they have participated.

Tigergen History (Hydrogen Cars)

         Tigergen I                       Tigergen II

                                                      Tigergen III

Nationally recognized Shell-Eco Marathon Cars designed by students of the University of Missouri.

Suntiger History (Solar Cars)

SunTiger VI

Before we began our work on MU's first hydrogen-powered race car, our team had a long history of cutting-edge racing vehicles. Below is the history of all six of the previous solar-powered cars that our team has raced. We are now taking this knowledge of high-efficiency vehicle design and applying this to our next-generation car, the Tigergen IV.


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