Recquirements for membership

We seek to recognize three qualities in our members:

Scholarship - Prospective undergraduate members must be ranked in the upper one-fourth of their junior class, or in the upper one-third of their junior class.  Beyond this scholastic test, Eta Kappa Nu searches even further into people for common sense. How do they conduct themselves in unfamiliar situations? How do they proceed to use their equipment and tools in performing their work? Do they have ingenuity? Are their ideas practical and feasible? Do they have the necessary imagination for visualizing the complex problems of their domain, and for seeing new solutions to those problems? Do they have the communication skills to articulate these solutions to their organizations?

Character - To make a success of any project, whether it be a college education, or a professional career, requires one common quality – character, including honesty, ethical behavior, sound judgment, and the willingness to perform hard and occasionally disagreeable work.

Rather than complain about an uninteresting or routine job, you must make the most of the materials you have at hand, and strive always to produce as creditable a product as is possible. 

In Eta Kappa Nu you will be asked to share the work and responsibilities of running the organization. You will find this an opportunity to gain new experience and new confidence in yourself, an opportunity to improve your Chapter, your organization, your community, and yourself. Cultivate your character and your capacity and willingness for hard work!

Attitude - You are, for the most part, as others see you. The attributes you present to others reflect your attitude on life, and reflect upon you, your education and your career. Successful professionals reflect positively on their Alma Maters and their profession, both in their manner and demeanor. They are congenial, modest, and dependable; they are tolerant of the ideas and practices of others; they are unselfish; they display tact in their dealings with their colleagues; and they are good listeners as well as skillful communicators. These attributes reflect your attitude on life.  All people have these attributes to some degree; but, unfortunately, many do not cultivate or choose to apply them.

How will I know I'm eligible?

Each semester the department of electrical and computer engineering will determine the seniors in the top one-third of their class and the juniors in the top one-fourth of their class.  A letter which is drafted by the HKN-Iota chapter will then be sent out by the department.  The chapter will also post the list of elligible members on their bulletin board on the stairs to the third floor of Engineering Building West as well as contacting eligible members by e-mail.  The national organization of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu will also contact eligible members.  

Master's and Doctoral students need only have their advisers fill out a Graduate Nomination Form

Meet the HKN Officers

Samantha L Warren - President 
About Samantha
Seth R Henderson - President-Elect, Tutoring 
About Seth
Ask me about Burns & McDonnell, I'm sure that you would love it there.

Leigh K Rocca - Vice President 
About Leigh
Shayne M Wadle - Treasurer 
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Richard W McClure - Social Chair 
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Marshall B Lindsay  
About Marshall
Katie E Innis  
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Jacob R Bracey  
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