Welcome to IEEE’s first annual ZOUMO bot competition.  We are glad to see you are interested in competing or spectating in one of Mizzou’s most involved robotics challenges.  Continue reading to find out more!

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What is a ZOUMO bot?

A ZOUMO bot competition is actually a play on words of a robot sumo competition.  A ZOUMO bot is a robot which intertwines three main focus areas: Mechanics, Electronics, and Software.  The bot is constructed around a motorized chassis with a number of electronic sensors on board.  The sensors allow the “brains” to run software which controls the motors based on these sensor inputs.

What is the goal of a ZOUMO bot?

The goal of a ZOUMO bot is quite simple: Push the other ZOUMO bot out of the competition ring (Dohyo) before being pushed or driving out yourself.

How much does it cost to build a ZOUMO bot?

NOTHING!  It is absolutely free to participate in IEEE’s ZOUMO bot competition, we will provide you with all of the necessary supplies including: a basic plate chassis, adjustable gear drive motors, IR sensors, etc…

Are there any rules for the ZOUMO bot competition?

There are a number of rules which are employed for this competition.  IEEE’s ZOUMO bot competition utilizes a modified version of the Unified Sumo Robot Rules.  Specifically rules relating to the mini autonomous class, however the width and length of the Mega Sumo may be used.  Width: 20.0 cm, Length: 20.0 cm, Weight: 500 g.

Do I need a team?

Apply as a team or individually!  Teams will be made up of 2-4 members depending on enrollment and we will try to arrange teams based on members strengths and weaknesses.  If you aren’t so good at programming or electronics we will try to put you with people that are.  Don’t worry though no experience is required and our workshops hosted throughout the week will show you everything you need to be ready to push on competition day!

Prizes:  1st - Syma X5C Explorer Drone 

             2nd - Arduino Starter Kits

             3rd - T-shirts

How do I sign up?

Singing up is simple just click on our signup form.

Also join the official Slack Competition Group

The slack page will be used to make official announcements about the competition.  An iphone and android app are available.  

Team: MUIEEE Channel: #mizzoubot


Unified Sumo Robot Rules

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Robot sumo videos

Sumo bot basics

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