Gina giving a cane demonstration.Welcome!

MU Student Exceptions works to empower the disability community at Mizzou. Our meetings are open to anyone interested-- whether they have a disability or not.

About MUSE*

MU Student Exceptions held its first meeting in October 2010, shortly after the first Celebrate Ability Week. Until its inception, there had been no single group for students with disabilities to meet each other and voice their concerns and opinions. Two other disability related student organizations sprang up around the same time as MUSE*. The first of the two, Sight Club, is a group for students and faculty who are blind or visually impaired. The second, Delta Alpha Pi, is a nationally recognized honor society for students with disabilities. The three groups bring together a number of different points of view that reflect the diverse population within the disability community at MU. MUSE* is working to promote universal design, the social model of disability, and the visibility and awareness of students with disabilities on campus.


The purpose of our organization shall be to provide a group where students, faculty and staff of the university with disabilities, and their friends, can come together to mentor, to advise, and to bond with one another in an environment free of misconceptions and prejudices about disabilities [excerpt from our constitution].