RSGSA Professional Development Seminar

This seminar series is designed to prepare students for post graduate professional employment, whether academic or applied in nature. The series covers topics ranging from academic writing to portfolio and curriculum vitae development.


Dependency Seminar

To address a growing interest among Rural Sociology students in international development and the associated issues of dependency and applied research this seminar series brings together faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds. This seminar encourages critical thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration among students.


Community Development Academy

The Community Development Academy is an intensive, experiential, five-day course offered by the University of Missouri Extension Community Development Program. Our three courses combine leading edge thinking with practical applications. We enhance the capacity of people to work effectively with a broad range of community issues. The Community Development Academy provides a conceptual base and develops the skills necessary to successfully bring people (often with diverse views and opinions) together around common issues. Course participants learn how to deal collectively with their issues of concern and give purposeful direction to their own futures.

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