Doctoral Students

  Elizabeth Achuff

  Research Interests: Sustainable rural development, displaced populations



  Darren Chapman, Missouri

  Research Interests: Food security, sustainable urban food production





 Chad Christensen, Minnesota

  Research Interests: Community development, rural immigrants, rural church leadership



   Kathlee Freeman, Missouri

   Research Interests: Technology, market access, smallholder farmers



  Parijat Ghosh, India

  Research Interests: Community development, sustainable development, and gender




  Nancy Holloway, Missouri

  Research Interests: Sustainable development, rural movements


  Sarah Hultine-Massengale, Illinois

  Research Interests: Community development and rural food systems


  Stephanie Link, Missouri

  Research Interests: Textile industry and its impacts in developing countries





  Fridah Mubichi, Kenya

  Research Interests: Sustainable socio-economic and community development



 Elizabeth Prentice, Colorado

  Research Interests: Political ecology and environmental narratives and identities



  Maria Rodriguez Alcala, Paraguay

  Research Interests: Sustainable development as it applies to Latinos in the US and producers in Latin America




  Rebecca Savoie, Minnesota

  Research Interests: International development, developing economies, agriculture



  Amanda Sims, Georgia

  Research Interests: Pop culture, environment, gender, and consumption



Master's Students

  Jenifer Pilz-Coulibaly

  Research Interests: Rural development and integration in Mali



  Dianna Bryant, PhD (2017)

  Research Interests: Rural emergency management, environment




  Annie Cafer, PhD (2016)

  Research Interests: Food security, extension, and production in rural Ethiopia


  Amanda Carr, New York

  Research Interests: Reproductive and prenatal health in rural communities





  Jordan Dawdy, California

  Research Interests: Community supported agriculture, reflexive processes




  Gary Glass Jr., New Jersey

 Research Interests: Gender equality, sustainable development, and rural development in former Soviet States



 Elliot Meador, Mississippi

 Research Interests:Rural development, community development



  Gregory Morrow, Missouri

  Research Interests: Sustainable development, international religious communities



   Mary Saulters, MS (2015)

   University of Mississippi Medical School




  Lisa Newton, MS (2015)






  Justin Thomas, PhD (2014)

  Research Analyst; Adjunct Instructor, Columbia College


  Lindsey Saunders, MS (2013)

  Assistant Director of Cambio Center, University of Missouri



 Marilynn King, MS (2013)





  Andrew Fritz, MS (2013)

  Pursing MS in Agroforestry, University of Missouri, Currently in Uganda




  Billy Jivetti, PhD (2012)

  Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wiley College (TX)



  Karen Bradley, PhD (1996)

  Associate Professor of Sociology/Dir. of Women's Studies, Univ. of Central Missouri



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